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Hi everyone, i know it's been awhile since anyones posted so there is going to be a truck load of posts coming in next week. I will try to come back to doing this some more and I'm working on figuring out how to put a banner as the header, i f anyone knows please leave comment.


POWW 11/13/10
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SAT., NOVEMBER 13 - Villa Park, IL
The Odeum Expo Center - 1033 North Villa Ave.
Bell Time: 7:00 PM - Doors: 5:45 PM
Meet & Greet: 4:45 PM

General Admission: $15
First 5 Rows, includes Meet & Greet Admission: $25

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Traci Brooks & Taylor Made & Nikki vs. Melanie Cruise & Juliet & Serena Deeb

For More Information:

Madison Eagles to Japan
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SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles is headed to Japan later this month! Madison will be a part of the NEO event on November 28th at the Tokyo Cinema Club, as well as S-Ovation's Joshi 4 Hope event on November 30th at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. SHIMMER and S-Ovation management are currently in negotiations for the SHIMMER Championship to be defended in Japan for the very first time as part of the Joshi 4 Hope event! More details will be posted as they become available.

SHIMMER at WrestleMania?
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From Prazak:

The SHIMMER tapings will take place one week prior to the very busy WrestleMania weekend in Atlanta, GA, which will see Ring of Honor run live events at Center Stage Theater. We will be working closely with ROH in the coming months to arrange for some SHIMMER action to be featured on the ROH events in Atlanta that weekend. For those making the trip from outside the United States for either SHIMMER or WrestleMania, this is the perfect opportunity to stay for a full week to catch SHIMMER, ROH, and WrestleMania all in the same trip!
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SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) on Saturday & Sunday, March 26th & 27th, 2011. Volumes 37-40 of the SHIMMER DVD series will be filmed over the course of the weekend. Front row tickets will be $70 for each full day of taping (two DVDs worth of live matches). Front row ticket packages covering the entire weekend of events will go on sale at The SHIMMER Forum the night before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 24th, beginning at 7:00pm Central time.

Chikara Pro 10/23/10
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Chikara Pro Presents
"The Dark Ciberknetico"

October 23, 2010
The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Rd.
Easton, PA 18045

Doors open: 6:30 p.m
Bell: 7 p.m

All Tickets: $15.00

On Card:

NCW-Femme Fatales 10/23/10
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Confirmed for October 23rd

Tournament Second Round:

(Plus her partner, Canadian Ninja Nicole Matthews, is rumoured to be in town on October 23rd... Together, the Ninjas are known as unstoppable so...)


It took three events for Femmes Fatales to finally present a triple-threat match. On October 23rd, three fighters will go to the ring looking to score a pin fall on one of the two opponents they will be facing that night. The three chosen are Cat Power, Sassy Stephie and PJ Tyler.

After a victory by disqualification over LuFisto last February, Cat Power showed once more that she is a dominant fighter in the Femmes Fatales ranks defeating Mistress Belmont in June. She is the most experienced wrestler in this upcoming match so she is definitely the one to beat.

Sassy Stephie will be making her Canadian debuts that night and she wants the Montreal fans to remember her once she leaves the building. It will be interesting to see if Sassy and Cat will work together or against each other... And if so... For how long?!

Finally, PJ Tyler who is already on fan favorite is definitely looking for her first victory since her debuts in the promotion. On October 23rd, it’s now or never for our favourite rocker chick! Against two great opponents, it won’t be easy for Tyler but everybody knows that she will give her best to be victorious!

The Main Event of Femmes Fatales IV!

The Femmes Fatales administration received the confirmation that the Femmes Fatales Championship belt will be ready for the October 23rd show. It’s now in production and should be arriving at Eric Salottolo’s house, Vice-President of the nCw promotions, at the beginning of October.

A decision was taken; we will crown our champion at Femmes Fatales IV!



Mia Yim is Wrestlicious
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Mia Yim is boarding Wrestlicious for an upcoming live event.

Mia will play ‘sexy North Korean spy’, "Kim Thieu Soon" (...yeah) at the show.

From what I understand this is just a live event and is not being taped, however if all goes well, Mia could be invited to join the second season of Wrestlicious TakeDown.

Mia’s career has really gained traction in the past few months: she was chosen as Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s One to Watch in the November 2010 issue, she had a strong showing on SHIMMER pre-show SPARKLE last month and has worked several independent matches with veteran, Mickie James.

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Taping Results (October 16th, 2010) (partial results)
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So this could be either just a PW: EVE thing or her return, but after Saraya Knight def. Nikki Storm via powerbomb. Jetta came out and cut a babyface promo explaining that she was there to offer support and advice to the next generation.

Then the main event which was a Three Minute Warning match happened.

Starts with Nikki Storm and Rhia O’Reilly.
Becky James in.
Rhia eliminated by Storm with a sunset flip.
Becky eliminated by Storm with an Oklahoma Roll.
Carmel Jacob in.
“Super Janey B” in.
Super Janey eliminated by Carmel with a schoolgirl.
Britani Knight in.
Shanna in.
Saraya Knight in.
Sara-Marie Taylor in.
Carmel eliminated by Storm with a tornado DDT.
JETTA(!) in.
Britani out eliminated by Shanna via a single leg crab submission.
Jetta still hasn’t actually gotten in the ring yet.
Shanna eliminated by Saraya with a sidewalk slam.
Sara eliminated by Saraya via a suplex.
Nikki Storm eliminated by Saraya via a fisherman suplex.
That means that the last two are Saraya & Jetta. Before they could touch, April Davids & Jenny Sjodin came out, and Shanna got back in the ring. Jetta then orchestrated a beatdown on Saraya. Even Nikki Storm got involved. Jetta then pinned the decimated Saraya to win and get a bye into the semi finals of the title tournament in April.

It transpires that April, Jenny, Nikki & Shanna are now part of a unit under Jetta’s direction called The European Empire.

So is Jetta back?

Athena Interview
mel and kong
Arron Carlton: What have you been up to lately?

Athena: Lately I've been back in the gym and continuing the P90X regiment.... I'm really trying hard to stay away from the sweets. I have a few career defining matches coming up in upcoming months.

Arron Carlton: You recently made your debut for Shimmer Women Athletes, how was that experience for you?

Athena: My Shimmer debut was a dream come true. I expected the best out of myself and I definitely showed them that I am an unnatural force of nature. The fans there were definitely in love with me... though I don't blame them, I am pretty hot. Nonetheless I am extremely thankful I had the chance to be a part of Shimmer and hopefully I will have more oppourtunities with them in the near future.

Arron Carlton: How did you being booked for Shimmer come about?

Athena: It actually happened the day after the Anarchy Championship Wrestling second annual Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament. I had a match with former shimmer champion MsChif, and took her to the limit. I honestly don't know the order of events, but I got a call and bam!, I was booked.
Arron Carlton: Looking forward, who would you want to feud with in Shimmer?

Athena: Who wouldn't I want to feud with... There are so many. I will give you my top 4 though in no particular order... Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey (Profile), Allison danger, and Sassy Stephie.

Arron Carlton: Of all the matches taped for DVD volumes 33 through 36, which matches really stood out for you?

Athena: Other than my matches--which are clearly the best of all the dvd tapings, two matches stood out to me... Rachel Summerlyn vs. Daffeny, this match was filled with so much raw emotion... it baffeled me how far these two women took their fight, but you will see. Kellie Skater vs. Awesome Kong was quite entertaing as well.

Arron Carlton: You are no stranger to Rachel Summerlyn. How is it like to work with her?

Athena: Only one word comes to mind when it comes to a Summerlyn/Athena match... EPIC. She really brings the best out of me as a competitor and I know the feeling has to be mutual. Rachel along with her tag partner Jessica James are certainly women that deserve everything that they earned and so much more. As much as I hate to put them in the same category as me, we are the heart and soul of women's wrestling in Texas. We are the three that you are always going to here about, we are the three that plan on breaking even more barriers than we already have, and we are the three that are going to take down the other the first chance we get or at least I know I will. Just know that if you see any of us in a match you are gonna get blood, sweat, tears, and maybe even a few schoolyard pranks.

Arron Carlton: Going back to before you started training to become a wrestler, who were the wrestlers that inspired you to pursue a career in the business?

Athena: The Rock, Victoria (aka. TNA's Tara) and Trish Stratus.

Arron Carlton: You were trained by Skandor Akbar, tell us about that.

Athena: Ak is the reason I am here now. Training was hell running us along the side of freeway and hittting us with damn whip along with numerous other things. But Akbar knew how weed out the weaklings, I remember about ten others started with me and now only myself and another remain. For anyone that did get passed the torture aka training process, Ak branded his name on you. Akbar was my wrestling dad. I had so much respect for him and words cannot express how much he means to me. He kept me out of a lot of bad situations and some of them could have reulted in me getting severely injured or worse. I miss Akbar and there was so much I learned from him but even more stuff that I didn't . I wish the rest of the world could have known him like I and numerous others did. I have a lot of love for that man. R.I.P Ak

Arron Carlton: It was very sad losing Skandor Akbar. During your training with Akbar, did doubt ever rare its head on whether getting into wrestling was the right decision?

Athena: No, not even a smidge of doubt. I was very determined when it came to training. You can ask anyone one, I was the first there the last to leave and even did all the extra work that others shied away from.

Arron Carlton: Who did you wrestle in your first match?

Athena: A man by the name of JT Lamotta.

Arron Carlton: You are a mainstay at Anarchy Championship Wrestling, what has been your favorite moments at the promotion?

Athena:A lot of people don't know this but I held my first championship with ACW. I've had a ton of great matches there and I've had the oppourtunity to build myself as a better person. ACW is a place where I am not considered a women's wrestler, but just a wrestler and I will never be able to thank them for that.

Arron Carlton: What other promotions have you worked for?

Athena: I work regularly for Booker T, and currently I am his women's champion. I worked at OVW once, and I've been to the FCW facility in Tampa as well. Other than that, I do shows here and there but nothing that stays constant.

Arron Carlton: How would you describe your style of wrestling?

Athena: My style is "what I want to do when I feel like doing it"

Arron Carlton: What moves and finishers have you been using?

Athena: I have been using a top rope stunner called the "o-face" and a double knee stomp off the top rope or from a springboard called wrath of the goddess.

Arron Carlton: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in this business?

Athena: I want to be WWE or TNA wrestler, plain and simple.

Arron Carlton: And of all the women currently in the WWE and TNA, who would you want to feud with?

Athena: Most definitely Beth Pheonix, Natalya, Tara, and Taylor Wilde. To be the best you have to beat the best.

Arron Carlton: To all those aspiring wrestlers out there, what advice do you have for them?

Athena: Not a word. It will be their decision if they want to start this profession and it will be their decision if they will stick with it. They are going to hear a lot negative and a lot of positive. A lot of these voices will be extremely influential a lot will be a ton of crap. It is up to them what they want to do and I hope they can decipher everything and use it in their journey.



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